Aligning cities’ vision with people’s vision

The scale and power of communities applied to find richer and engaging solutions for the public sphere.

A new way of co-creating for the new era

There is a widening gap between what people expect and what the public sector is able to provide. Though private companies have already embraced collaborative processes, the public sector still hasn’t taken this path despite its collective nature. A new open and co-creative approach can provide a better alignment between the strategy of the public sector and its citizens’ real needs.


A new approach where we use a new digital platform and set of tools to deploy design thinking at a large scale. We combine these tools with immersive face to face information-gathering techniques like events, interviews, talks, workshops and design sprints to bring together the whole ecosystem. This approach, allows us to open-up the problem to anyone who wants to co-explore and co-define the final solution along with public officials and the ecosystem. In the end, we reach co-owned results that double the earnings.

What’s in it for your city?

Shared city purpose

Well defined and shared with the citizens.

Stronger ecosystem

More connected, empowered and accountable.

Engaged communities

That care about the public space and help spreading the solutions.


Co-ownership of the solutions, which spreads its use.

case study

Defining Lisbon’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

In 2016, we came together with the community to help Lisbon’s government to define and create a new brand and online platform for its entrepreneurial ecosystem. By combining a custom online tool with an offline face to face approach, we spent several months gathering needs, opinions and feedback from the ecosystem, while co-creating with its people.

Energised, engaged and empowered community

In order to energise, engage and create a sense of proximity with the grassroots, we organised and took part on several workshops, events, and face-to-face discussions. We also went out to talk and map every little piece of the ecosystem.


Feeling part of the solution

We fostered a sense of belonging and ownership throughout the ecosystem, making it more dynamic and strong. When the brand and the online platform were launched people rapidly adopted it, as they felt already part of the ecosystem.


An appealing new way of designing at a larger scale

Digital, interactive, funny, close, relational. In the DATA overload era there is no space for boringness. All our content and presence was created custom-made for the context of the project, and according to the contemporary mindset.

Organic impact and repercussion

We used trending topics to our own advantage, in order to get people talking and sharing. This ended-up generating organic movements, born from within the community, like Facebook groups and offline events.

Would you like to use this method on a public project?

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